Covered Bridge in Northfield Vermont

Covered Bridge in Northfield Vermont

Real Estate & Land Development Law

Mr. Atherton is a firm believer in the rights of property owners. As such, he has developed a practice that is designed to help property owners safely navigate the world of federal, state and local land use laws. His practice includes assisting clients in the following areas:

  • Acquisitions and Sales.
    Over the years, Mr. Atherton has represented buyers, sellers, and lenders in a wide variety of transactions involving the conveyancing of both commercial and residential real estate. Mr. Atherton assists clients by preparing necessary conveyancing documentation, conducting title searches, identifying necessary permits and negotiating various contract terms. Mr. Atherton is an approved attorney with Vermont Attorneys Title Insurance Company.
  • Leasing.
    Mr. Atherton assists both residential and commercial landlords and tenants in the preparation and negotiation of their agreements and the resolution of their disputes.
  • Financing.
    Mr. Atherton helps his clients to identify and secure the type of financing that they need to accomplish their objectives.
  • Land Use Regulation.
    Many real estate projects require federal, state and/or local permits. Mr. Atherton safely guides his clients through the regulatory maze to achieve their goals.
  • Civil Litigation.
    All too often real estate disputes result in litigation. Mr. Atherton has represented and/or counseled a wide variety of clients in landlord/tenant, foreclosure, boundary line and/or contractual disputes.

Real estate practice is an increasingly multi-disciplinary practice often requiring scientific, engineering, financial, estate, tax and/or specialized legal expertise. Mr. Atherton is a team player who works well with others and is the first to recommend that his clients retain the necessary experts when a matter exceeds his personal knowledge and/or experience.

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