Covered Bridge in Northfield Vermont

Covered Bridge in Northfield Vermont

Civil Litigation & Family Law

Over the past 15 years, Mr. Atherton has represented a wide variety of clients in the state and federal courts of Vermont and New York, including various appellate matters. Mr. Atherton has also successfully negotiated and/or mediated settlements of apparently intractable disputes and appeared in a variety of administrative proceedings. Mr. Atherton’s litigation practice is highly selective and focused on the following areas:

  • Commercial & Business Litigation.
    Mr. Atherton has represented a variety of business clients in civil and administrative proceedings.
  • Real Estate.
    As a function of Mr. Atherton’s real estate practice he has represented a variety of clients in boundary line disputes, eviction proceedings, landlord/tenant, foreclosure and other matters.
  • Family Law.
    Unfortunately divorce, parentage, child support, and juvenile matters are increasingly common today. Mr. Atherton has assisted a wide variety of clients to satisfactorily navigate their way through these often complex and challenging proceedings.
  • Adoption & Probate.
    Through 15 years of general practice, Mr. Atherton has also appeared in probate court and/or advised clients needing assistance in adoption and/or estate proceedings.
  • Appellate Practice.
    Mr. Atherton has successfully litigated cases before the Vermont Supreme Court and also assisted in a variety of other appellate matters before local and federal courts.

In addition to the above areas, Mr. Atherton has handled criminal, personal injury, civil rights, employment, education and even bankruptcy cases, but those are not areas where he generally accepts new cases. Mr. Atherton, however, often helps clients to obtain satisfactory representation in cases that he declines to take and is willing to serve as co-counsel where appropriate.

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