Covered Bridge in Northfield Vermont

Covered Bridge in Northfield Vermont

Business & Non-Profit Law

Over the years, Mr. Atherton has served the mightiest Fortune 500 and foreign corporations to humble sole proprietorships and local manufacturers. His diverse clientele has included: banks, web page designers, telecommunications firms, computer consultants, manufacturers, junkyard owners, car dealerships, contractors and real estate developers. Moreover, as a long-time small business owner and ordained minister, Mr. Atherton has the legal knowledge and practical experience to help fellow small business owners and not-for-profit organizations make prudent investments in legal services. As a result, Mr. Atherton provides a comprehensive range of legal services to businesses and not-for-profit entities, including the following:

  • Business Formation.
    Mr. Atherton guides his clients through the maze of organizational forms available today to help his clients choose the right entity to fit their particular needs.
  • Electronic Commerce.
    As a former owner of an ISP and web page design firm, Mr. Atherton is uniquely qualified to assist businesses interested in operating on the world wide web.
  • Business Transfers.
    Mr. Atherton assists clients interested in all aspects of business transfers, including buying, selling, break-up and/or succession.
  • Real Estate.
    Mr. Atherton offers comprehensive services to business clients needing assistance in real estate planning, development, financing, conveyance and acquisition.
  • Contract Preparation and Review.
    Mr. Atherton assists clients in the preparation, negotiation and review of contractual agreements.
  • Non-Profits.
    Mr. Atherton is able to assist a wide variety of non-profit and tax-exempt organizations with their legal needs. Mr. Atherton’s specialty, however, is assisting churches.
  • Litigation.
    Mr. Atherton is an experienced litigator able to counsel and/or represent his clients in a wide variety of civil disputes.

Mr. Atherton is also knowledgeable about a wide variety of other issues that affect his business clients, including employment law, taxation, securities and intellectual property. No matter what his clients needs are, however, Mr. Atherton is a team player who recommends and works well with the myriad of other experts (i.e. accountants, insurance companies, engineers and legal specialists) that businesses often need to accomplish their goals.

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